Narrative To: Monica Tap

Sound piece discussing the impedance of time and how we regard its passing. How can time warp and abstract our seeing of the world around us. Sound is time an vibrations, what does viewing become when time is broken down? -Updates to come, audio in progress.


Infrathin Observed

1. The difference in the space your foot takes up and the space your sock is covering. 2. The time between the press of a key and the appearance of a letter/ symbol on the screen. 3. When the wind blows by and mingles the scent of someone with the scent of all else it … Continue reading Infrathin Observed

Legs Crossed

Rituals Repeated To Assure Thought Print: Pressure Print # 1 Water coated pants with paper printed in between legs while crossed, showing pressure and textures of Fabrics compressed Pressure Print #2 Inked shoes while crossing legs, showing Pressure transfer from pressure equally on both feet to solitary on left foot. Pressure Print # 3 Inked … Continue reading Legs Crossed


Re/Site was an instillation done by Joan Livingstone in 2006, places in Chicago, IL. An instillation made of signs, news clippings and other assorted paper and informational work aligned along a wall in a linear fashion. To me the piece speaks to what we as humans deep valuable and important. Some items in the work … Continue reading Re/Site

How to Cook Shoes

Wall, Tape, Door, Ladder A work influenced by Micheal Craig Martin and his later works. Part pop art, part contour drawing. A piece best seen in person. The final installation has a version 1 and 2, as can be seen in the slight variations of the above documentations.