How do you feel when you are recognized?  


60th Times

Prints:   water on paper, temporaryink on shoes, sittingcharcoal on hands, printed between thighs water printed between thighsPictures Drawings Text What I feel as I cross: cold, circular pressure, foot into wall, outer lower bone pressed into upper under thigh, stress on ankle. What I think when I cross: Nothing, Anxiety, Rushed Why I cross: Habit, … Continue reading 60th Times

Legs Crossed

Rituals Repeated To Assure Thought Print: Pressure Print # 1 Water coated pants with paper printed in between legs while crossed, showing pressure and textures of Fabrics compressed Pressure Print #2 Inked shoes while crossing legs, showing Pressure transfer from pressure equally on both feet to solitary on left foot. Pressure Print # 3 Inked … Continue reading Legs Crossed