Revlon Isn’t Me


While the first thought is the overbearing red pattern, this project did start with a tasteful plan.

My research on Revlon started in their early days and did not get very far. I was captivated by their Fire and Ice add and used it to compose my entire “makeup” portrait.

The red pattern it the ruffles of sleeve from the model’s dress.

The blue moon on my eye calls to the “diamonds dancing on the moon”.

The light-post patter is the 47th street diamond district in NYC, where Revlon is based and where 90 percent of all diamond in this country filter through. Also playing into the add’s phrase.

The lips are a distorted version of the background of the add displayed in a linear gradient pattern.

While making the piece the ink opacity was obviously faulty in some points, however this allowed me to play with layering and the final product is more complex than this version. (Final image to come)Jessica+Biel+Revlon+2


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