60th Times



water on paper, temporaryIMG_4205IMG_4209IMG_4211ink on shoes, sittingIMG_4215IMG_4217IMG_4218IMG_4219IMG_4220IMG_4222IMG_4224IMG_4226charcoal on hands, printed between thighs IMG_4227IMG_4228IMG_4230IMG_4231water printed between thighsIMG_4229Pictures




What I feel as I cross:

cold, circular pressure, foot into wall, outer lower bone pressed into upper under thigh, stress on ankle.

What I think when I cross:

Nothing, Anxiety, Rushed

Why I cross:

Habit, restless, pointless, time, comfort.

What Interests Me With It:

The short time it takes, how I don’t need to think.

What I can’t explain:

The strain of nerves over my joints and muscles as I cross.

Can I stop:

I have tried to stop crossing my legs before and failed to. I have hence given up.

How can I fix the pain:

I should stretch more often so that I can cross partly and fully each way.




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