Legs Crossed

Rituals Repeated To Assure Thought



Pressure Print # 1

Water coated pants with paper printed in between legs while crossed, showing pressure and textures of Fabrics compressed


Pressure Print #2

Inked shoes while crossing legs, showing Pressure transfer from pressure equally on both feet to solitary on left foot.


Pressure Print # 3

Inked shoes while standing and crossing legs, showing drip path of foot across the air and lower paper.



Picture # 1

What I see as I cross my legs. It took 2 seconds for me to cross them as I sat so I exposed this pic for the amount of time to see how the surroundings used the same time-span.


Picture # 2

Exposure time of me crossing my legs. The whole movement in one take, showing my path trough the room to find a place of personal comfort.


Picture # 3

Irritation from pressure on my leg from crossing. The disadvantages of a habit based in self indulgence and harm , one I can’t break.



Drawing #1

Illustrated points of pressure in my skeletal structure and where it stems from as a result of crossing legs.


Pressure Drawings

A blind and observation take on the sensations I feel upon crossing legs.


Impressions drawing

Pressures and their distribution on the floor as I cross my legs.












What I feel as I cross:

cold, circular pressure, foot into wall, outer lower bone pressed into upper under thigh, stress on ankle.

What I think when I cross:

Nothing, Anxiety, Rushed

Why I cross:

Habit, restless, pointless, time, comfort.




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