Legs Crossed

Rituals Repeated To Assure Thought Print: Pressure Print # 1 Water coated pants with paper printed in between legs while crossed, showing pressure and textures of Fabrics compressed Pressure Print #2 Inked shoes while crossing legs, showing Pressure transfer from pressure equally on both feet to solitary on left foot. Pressure Print # 3 Inked … Continue reading Legs Crossed


Re/Site was an instillation done by Joan Livingstone in 2006, places in Chicago, IL. An instillation made of signs, news clippings and other assorted paper and informational work aligned along a wall in a linear fashion. To me the piece speaks to what we as humans deep valuable and important. Some items in the work … Continue reading Re/Site

How to Cook Shoes

Wall, Tape, Door, Ladder A work influenced by Micheal Craig Martin and his later works. Part pop art, part contour drawing. A piece best seen in person. The final installation has a version 1 and 2, as can be seen in the slight variations of the above documentations.