Different Like Everyone Else

Michael Craig Martin isn’t like many other artists. Sine the 70’s he has been intrigued and occupied with the same technique of art. It is pop art, it is contemporary, it is vibrant, but it is not common.

michaelcraigmartinportraitHis later works are a mixture of simple contour drawings in tape and filled with vibrant colors creating a type of pop art that is still interesting in today’s modern art scene.

2ec9aeb7d46f93c510149461c5c8fc74His use of color is much like Andy Warhol’s prints, with sections of simple shape being identified by bright colors that add interest to seemingly banal objects. His work is in no way natural but in every way necessary. Primarily the choice and use of color. Without the drastic hues the viewer would not be drawn to the simplicity and minimalism that Martin captures so uniquely well.   craig1999-0001commonhistory-conferenceweb


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