Finalized, The Peoples, The Space

1130162134For our final two research performance/installation pieces the Base Harder Group focused on the needs of the people, and eventually the needs of the building. We wanted to find out what the working students in Harder Hall needed, from food to help, tools, space, experience, and even climate change.

We stated our exploration not knowing what to expect, but students were more the willing to complain about what they wanted! We decided to capture the interviews in various formats. These included written notes (done by yours truly), recorded audio (Ryan), video clips (Mark), and even some quick sketches of the interviewed people (Brandon). By capturing the 8 interviews in so many mediums of recording we could play around with our presentation at the end. The needs of the students were too detailed to type here but here are some pictures of my notes. The links to my fellow group-mates’ recordings are also below.


To present our student’s responses and needs we wanted to create an immersive experience that could capture all facets of the interviews. We selected key points and quotes from the process and enlarged them onto a wall collage forming a projector screen. Then clips from all our videos are played over-top of the quote collage but with no audio. Separately our audio recordings will be played out of sync to the videos so we can see a generalization of the process while hearing the full extent and detail of the interviews. All of this while the stagnant quotes line the wall, unforgiving on the key points of our discovery. This all works to capture the full extent of our interviews and portray them to the viewer.

For our second iteration with a limit we decided to act as a service crew and find what the building itself needed. We each found spaces in the base floor that we felt needed improvement and them photographed, as well as redesigned the space for a better use. These 4 works were hung for display next to our screen.





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