Proposals 1 and 2: Harder Hall

As foundations students we rarely have the time to explore our arts building here at Alfred, Harder Hall. The least visited space must be the bottom or base floor, this harbors the hot shops, glass areas, clay studios, kiln room, and much more. Due to its mysterious nature and direct correlation its immediate proximity of our own studio space our group has chosen this base level of Harder Hall as our space to research.

#1. For our first proposal we could enter the studios and promptly stand in the corners and observe the work of our fellow students. No speaking or communication, just observing. We would pay attention to the communication and interaction of students, their work habits, and the dynamic of the space as a whole living breathing environment.

This would allow us to study the human aspect of this space which is its main purpose to house. It would also allow us to gain a better understanding of how the space is set up as a whole. The walls in relation to the ceiling height, the amount of open space , heating systems, foundation of the building, and any other architectural aspects of the building.

For a second attempt we could engage in the activity of the studios but remaining mindful of our interaction and how we as people change the space from when we were not involved. This would act as a way to investigate the influence of every possible new person in the work space.

A Map showing what I do and don’t know about our space:



#2  My second proposal is to take seats around the studio space and start working in our areas. These spaces are not our own and we may be asked to leave as students come and revoke our presence in their actual space. We will time the piece for 30 min. so that we will have time to blend in and possibly be interrupted by real students in the space.

By doing this we will not only interact with the space but also with students on a direct one-on-one relationship. We will test how friendly the students are or how irritated they will become. Most importantly we will be testing how observant and aware these students are of our incorrect presence in their daily space.

For a second trial we could either change the duration or start disrupting the space through moving and crowding certain area all at once, then leaving for another area. This could test the same variables but speed up the process greatly. By blocking or clogging space we will test the physical efficiency of the space.


For other proposals follow these links to my group-mates.

Brandon Shappa

Mark Gallo

Ryan Isabelle


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