All the Errors

This is a post on all the flaws in our zine and its production. To avoid redundancy please refer to the zine posts for pictures.


1110160954In the distribution plan some people could say our directions are not engaging enough. Basically, we have no real proof that anyone will find our Master Zine. However, this could be a good aspect because it adds a sense of a treasure hunt style game to our distribution.

The Master Zine itself could have used a tile page and more room for the participants to sign in the back. Other than that the binding was strong and the random intention was carried through, overall a successful creation.





The map zines could use more copies so they can be stacked in large quantities, a general sign that they are free for the taking to anyone who notices them. This would help to create involvement in our entire zine experience.

Overall, I think the Herrick Library zine was a huge success and I an excited to see in in action.




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