Hear Ye, Hear Ye




Magazine? No. Magazine’s younger brother? Yes.



Perhaps the the most important part of the zine making process is deciding how to distribute it. Will it be mass produced and left in public places? Should it be a masterpiece to be treated carefully, or a single serving experience to be left on the ground, crinkled and torn from trampled feet?

zines-2We have decided on a hybrid model of a zine! One master copy bound with care and interactive pages for the viewer who finds it, hidden in the shelves of Herrick Library. But, as any student struggling to not fail out of college knows, these books in Herrick Library are seldom touched. This is a place for last minute papers and late night notes taken in unreadable scrawl powered by too much caffeine. So how do you find the master zine? Its simple! You follow the map zines(the little cousin of the magazine). These will be left around the common areas of Herrick Library for all to find! The tiny zines will have hints scattered across their pages leading to the hidden Master Zine alongside the many unused books of the library.

The Master Zine is all about the heightened senses or sensations gained from a silent space like Herrick Library. Our aim is to capture the slight moments and sounds that become huge disturbances to the enveloped studier. The placement amidst the multitudes of books helps to accentuate its misplacement once discovered. While looking like a book and containing information like a book the Master Zine will gain more meaning from the viewer’s interaction than what it hold inside its own pages.

The students of Alfred University are our main audience, specifically the ones stuck in Herrick studying too late and wandering enough to pick up one of our 15 randomly placed map zines. These students who are enduring the greatest hardships of college, the late night study, are our audience. We hope our Master Zine serves as a playful insight to Herrick Library amidst the college pressures.

How long will it last? No one knows. So hurry to Herrick and find the bookshelves. Good luck, enjoy, read art.


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