Staying The Night


Where does personal space draw the line with private space? This was what we were trying to find out when we brought our rooms into the main study of Herrick Library. Walking in as a straight line and plopping ourselves down in the corner, we made ourselves at home and watched what others felt about our intrusion.



First we tackled the main floor, then moved to the upstairs. The first act we stayed as silent as possible. The reaction was again amused at our antics, and our cute pajamas, but not anything substantial; however, the recipients at the desks were genuinely concerned that the library would close at one and we would not get a full night’s sleep.

We took our parade upstairs to the quiet study and started watching game of thrones or conversing  after setting up our beds. The students upstairs again did not mind us and seemed to accept our moving in. It could be due to our presence as college students and the fact we do have an arts school here that has a representation, but the acceptance or our strange actions continuously surprised me throughout.



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