Lava Kills

I of IIX

14958786_1143080225758540_1074119741_nAt first we thought it would be a quiet experience. Playing the childhood game “the floor is lava” isn’t such a rowdy performance we figured. The changing factor was the stools. When stepped on they sunk down on their spring-attached wheals and creaked a vicious amount. In the end this noise was the characterizing aspect of this performance.

Originally we wanted to become an active force in a space usually filled with stagnant studiers. We were interested in the childish play that is not usually housed in a serious environment of the library. Our play was meant to be silent  but active and we started in the basement of  the library and worked into the most public spaces on the main floor.

When we started the effect of the noise was immediate and surprising , but it called attention to our actions and showed how out of place we were in this space. The key point was either the way people ignored us entirely or the amusement they found in our antics. The childish play was welcomed and genuinely surprised the students and observers. This first performance helped to show how we as a group could add play to our work and the work of others.



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