Destruction of Ideas


What happens when you disrespect the entirety of a place? We decided to test this idea by taking apart what a library is initially. Books are the basis of Herrick, at least at first, but now it is a space filled with computers and technology. Books are in some cases a relic of our library system but I imagined that they would still be regarded highly in a space meant to house them.

Our first attempt was Molly tearing apart books in full sight of everyone in the Book-End Cafe. Not a single person turned a glance. Not a single person cared. I decided to take this in my own hands and destroy a book of my own. I went to the quiet study room upstairs and sat directly across from a student hard at work. Proceeding to rip apart two whole books I made as much noise and commotion as possible. There was no reaction. He didn’t even glance up a me as I defiled the property of recorded ideas. Finally on our last attempt Nancy succeeded in drawing a reaction from our experiment


After the reaction video our tested student came up to us laughing and wondering what it was we were doing. What were we doing? Why were we so interested in a reaction from the students? We didn’t exactly know what we were looking for, but we knew what we were creating. A trend was appearing in our performances. By doing unconventional things in a normally boring and predictable space we were instilling joy and amusement for the viewers. We were the jokers of the library.


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